Wow – how good has it been recently for Stephen King film adaptations? We have been treated to It – Chapter 1, 1922 and Gerald’s Game over the last few years with each just as good as the last. The future looks just as bright with releases announced such as Doctor sleep, It – Chapter 2 and my favourite, Pet Sematary that is set for release on April 5th.

Thanks to the amazing team over at Total Film we were able to view a couple of new images that they managed to get their hands on. The both portray Jason Clarke, who plays Dr. Louis Creed. In the first image we can see the actor standing amongst the eerie mist in the centre of the now famous pet sematary. The spooky sitting pays homage to the 1989 film with the use of the ominous mist among makeshift crosses which for fans of the original, is a perfect reimagining of the scene. The second image shows the walls of the brambles that lead to the sour ground.

The pet sematary
The brambles that lead to the sour ground

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